The Portuguese Life… is a Fairytale of Living in Heaven and the Hell.. at the Same time. Everything is a Dream and u don’t know what is True or False. Is a Present Storytelling that is fascinating you inner Soul of Beauty of the Atlantic Light. Which express the Kindness of the People. The Great Taste of the Food. The Delicious Port and their Douro Wines mixed with a traditional Portuguese meal. The Green fresh vegetation of Nature mixing with the Rainbow clear Colors… What not to Love!

Is a Country who has a Lot of History… such as the Temple of the Knights… and at the same time old history meets new history where Portugal enter a new Future. Where new People starts to Discover the Beauty of Portugal. But at the same time their bureacracy of a lot of paper work… cost you a lot of time, money and patience. So you have to learn to navigate in a country where 100 years old laws is integrating with the 21-century. So Portugal has Touched my Heart with lots of tears and fascination that I can’t live without…

Enjoy your Journey in Portugal and Everyday is a new Discovery of Life, People, Culture and Food, Wisdom and Laws.


Your Sincerely

Sofia Wean

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